Deploy Your .NET and .NET Core Projects in Weeks, Not Years.

Tired of drawn-out development cycles and inflexible contracts? At Code Majesty Tech, we specialize in agile, custom software development services for .NET and .NET Core that bring your business objectives to life.

Work in strategically planned 2-week sprints to design, code, and launch your custom applications, while tapping into our team’s extensive .NET expertise. Adapt, iterate, and scale your projects effortlessly, in lockstep with your evolving business needs.

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From tailored .NET and .NET Core custom software development to expert consulting services and developer outsourcing, Code Majesty Tech is your go-to source for elevating your .NET and .NET Core capabilities.

Expert Consultation on an Hourly Basis

Tap into our wealth of knowledge in .NET and .NET Core technologies with our hourly consultation services. Get pinpoint advice and actionable insights to tackle your most pressing software challenges, all at a flexible hourly rate.

Agile Sprint-Based Development for Maximum Flexibility

Take advantage of our unique 2-week sprint model for your .NET and .NET Core projects. Complete a sprint, assess the results, and choose to continue or pivot as your needs evolve. It’s development, simplified and agile.

End-to-End In-House .NET Software Development

From conceptualization to deployment, our team handles all aspects of in-house software development in .NET and .NET Core. Experience holistic solutions that align seamlessly with your business objectives.

Qualified .NET Developer Outsourcing

Need to augment your existing team? We provide skilled .NET and .NET Core developers for outsourcing, ready to integrate with your in-house teams or work independently on your projects. Get the talent you need, when you need it.

We Harness .NET and .NET Core for Your Business Success

Code Majesty Tech is a development agency with a razor-sharp focus on leveraging .NET and .NET Core to ensure your business triumphs. In today’s digital age, where an online footprint is not just an option but a necessity, we are the experts who comprehend the complexities of software development.

We channel this expertise into offering specialized technical consulting, developer outsourcing, and custom software solutions tailored to your .NET and .NET Core requirements. We empower you to tackle complex challenges and create resilient, high-performance applications.