Sprint-Based .NET and .NET Core Development

A Flexible Software Development Service Utilizing Two-Week Sprints in .NET and .NET Core

Tired of lengthy development contracts or unpredictable hourly rates? Our sprint-based .NET and .NET Core development service shifts the focus back to delivering results. Through strategically planned two-week sprints, we prioritize getting your software across the finish line, without the complications of traditional development models.

What is it?

Tap Into On-Demand .NET and .NET Core Expertise for Your MVP, Startup, or Next Major Project

We employ agile, two-week sprints to establish priorities and deliver tangible outcomes at the end of each cycle. No long-term commitments required—pause or cancel at any time.

Our sprint-based approach offers a level of predictability and flexibility that other agencies simply can’t match. Say goodbye to endless meetings and unnecessary overhead. Instead, enjoy clean, production-ready .NET and .NET Core code, delivered in a subscription-based model.

With our seasoned team of developers, who have years of experience in building complex applications in .NET and .NET Core, we handle the heavy lifting. That way, you can direct your focus where it truly matters: your customers and your product.

Why This Approach?

Our sprint-based service model offers powerful advantages over traditional hourly or project-based development:

  • No Long-Term Contracts: Scale your operations up or down as your business needs change. Avoid being locked into inflexible commitments.
  • Pause or Cancel Anytime: Take us for a test drive with a single two-week sprint. If we’re not the right fit, you’re free to discontinue without any fuss.
  • Focus on Shipping: Our primary goal is to deliver tangible, meaningful results at the end of each sprint, rather than merely accumulating hours.
  • Adaptable Priority: Every sprint begins with a realignment of your most urgent needs, ensuring we’re always working on what matters most to you.
  • Access to Expertise: Tap into top-tier .NET and .NET Core skills without the need for full-time hires. Our team has deep expertise in these technologies.
  • Accelerated Development: The sprint model promotes accountability, focus, and rapid iterations, ensuring you get functional software on a consistent schedule.

For example, in your first sprint, we could flesh out essential UI elements for your MVP, integrate it with your existing backend APIs, and implement key functionalities. This delivers a concrete result that you can start user testing immediately.

The end result is premium access to .NET and .NET Core capabilities, without the administrative headaches or long-term commitments. Just focused, agile execution tailored to your ever-changing needs.

How It Works

Our sprint process is designed to accommodate changes while maintaining a razor-sharp focus on execution. Here’s how we integrate with your workflow:

  • Integration with Your Tools: Our primary goal is seamless workflow integration. If you already utilize platforms like GitHub or Azure DevOps, we’ll use them for sprint planning and documentation, ensuring a unified approach that makes tracking progress simple for you.

  • Basecamp for Project Management: If you don’t have a preferred tool or prefer not to use your internal system, we’ll bring you onboard our go-to project management software, Basecamp. This is where we plan sprints, document progress, and facilitate communication—everything in one place.

  • Bi-Weekly Planning: Every two weeks, we convene for a brief video call to set our targets for the upcoming sprint. These aren’t marathon sessions; just high-level, focused planning to ensure we’re aligned on objectives.

  • Weekly Check-Ins: Mid-sprint, we’ll have a 30-minute sync-up call. This keeps us on course, allows for mid-course corrections, and guarantees transparency in our development process.

  • Open Communication Channels: Sustained, asynchronous communication is critical. We’re flexible with your preferred channels—be it Slack, email, or others. Our aim is to prevent miscommunication, swiftly tackle roadblocks, and maintain project momentum.

  • Dedicated Development: Rest assured, your projects are in expert hands. Whether we’re using your tools or ours, our dedicated team brings top-tier .NET and .NET Core development skills, ensuring a consistent level of expertise.

At the end of each sprint, you’ll receive tangible outcomes—be it new features, system integrations, or functionalities. You’ll not only see regular progress but also have the opportunity to provide feedback. As we collaborate over time, we become a valuable extension of your team with deep insights into both your business and technical needs.

Short Cycles, Skillful Tools, and Consistent Touchpoints: That’s our formula for ensuring everyone’s aligned and projects are executed smoothly.